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On Your Free Week You Will Get...


Goal Setting Session

We want to hear your personal story, find out what you want to achieve and why, and figure out what's prevented you from achieving or maintaining your goals before.


Body Metrics Scan

Jump on our state-of-the-art inBody machine to find out your body fat percentage, fat mass, muscle mass, mineral and hydration levels etc. so you know your starting point for improvement.


Functional Movement Screening

A series of simple exercises that help us to identify any instabilities or weakness in your movement. If we find any issues, we can show you some corrective exercises to help you improve your training.


Free Access To All Primal Classes

Primal will redefine what you think about gym classes. Forget the latest branded fads - we keep it simple, with four standard class types, each named according to their outcome: Conditioning, Strength, Power and Core (plus Pilates). Primal classes are fun, engaging and suitable for all levels.


Free Access To All Primal Clubs

We also have a range of Primal Clubs where you can learn new skills and master your technique. Includes: boxing, kickboxing, MMA, jiu jitsu, powerlifting, kettlebells and calisthenics.


Full Use Of All Equipment

Our wide range of innovative, functional equipment includes pro-lifting platforms, a boxing ring, sprint tracks, ropes, prowlers and lots more, so there's plenty to keep you entertained, plus you can relax in our infrared sauna after your workout.


One-to-One Workout Demo

You'll finish your free week trial with a follow up session with your coach during which they'll answer any questions and give you a one-to-one workout demo, so you know what to do with all our equipment.

Are You Ready For Change?

Named "The Best Gym in the UK for People Who Hate the Gym" by the Telegraph, Primal Gym's aim is to inspire change; change in the life of our members, and change across the whole health and fitness industry.

So if you've had enough of throwing away money on a gym membership that feels more like a ball and chain than a force for change - come and have a free week at Primal, and we'll show you the thing you've been missing, but probably didn't even know it!

What People Said About Primal Gym

"Friendly atmosphere & fantastic classes. Love going to workout now, doesn't feel like a chore! Would highly recommend the week free pass as it really gives you a taste of all the classes and you get a one to one meeting with a coach about your goals and a current levels of ability."

Jordan Wagner-Marwood

What can I say, other than I love Primal! I hate gyms normally, and workouts usually bore me, but now I look forward going and always feel better after. If you’re looking for something different to accelerate your fitness goals, I’d thoroughly recommend this place!

Jon Linsdell

"Primal provides attentive coaching and a strong sense of community in a fun, friendly environment. If you prefer a fun, never boring gym, where you actually get results whilst being included in their community, and are not just a ‘member’ of a gym, then Primal is definitely the place for you."

Sukhy Rai

"Primal is AMAZING! It's not like any other gym I've ever been to. The culture and community is second to none. I have never once gone in and not left feeling happier. I've always been greeted with a smile and someone who knows my name and staff that genuinely care and want to help."

Andy Brennan

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